Apple 15th Sep Event: All You Need to Know

An announcement by apple for loyalist

Apple 15th Sept Event: All You Need to Know
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This year Apple is announcing the iPhone 12 in October, unlike the usual September release. Blame the virus!

Apple is raising the bar and setting a high standard for the competition to manage privacy and a smooth user interface.

Last month special event recap (15 Sept event)

Apple has been all about innovation and technology. This year, they announced a partnership with fitness gurus to offer customers a unique experience and a subscription-based model with fitness plus.

In fitness plus, they offer people video guides by experts to stay in shape and fit.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6 Source — Apple

Next, in the product line, they announced the Apple Watch Series 6 with an oxygen measurement feature. The watch will measure and track blood oxygen in the body and keep you up to date with all the stats and insights related to health.

With the regular feature in place, minor design tweaks, and better design, Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest in the lot.

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch SE. Source — Apple

A cheaper alternative for loyalists to own the watch. Priced from $279, this is something to look for with loaded features.

Some features:

  • Water-resistant
  • Activity tracking
  • Fall detector
  • Health tracking
  • Various styles and design

iPad Air

iPad Air
iPad Air. Source — Apple

Similar design when compared to the iPad Pro. This sleek device is a powerhouse and a better performer than entry laptops.

Some features:

  • Liquid Retina display
  • Brand new super-fast A 14 bionic chip
  • Apple Pencil and apple keyboard support
  • New Color options — Green, Sky blue, and Rose gold.
  • WIFI 6 (fastest speed ever on iPad)
  • Touch id with enhanced security

iPad (8th generation)

iPad (8th generation)
8th Generation iPad. Source — Apple

iPad with super-fast A 12 Bionic chip leads ahead in its game. This iPad is affordable and will appeal to the masses. Priced starting from $329 is a great buy.

Whether your fan of games, movies, photo editing, this device is apt for all. This price range appeals to people, and it’s going to be a popular choice with a limited budget.

Apple one

Apple one
Fitness + subscription included in apple one subscription. Source — Apple

If you’re someone who likes extra space and likes to listen to music and watch movies, play games, read the news, and now even stay fit from the comfort of your home with fitness +. Then this all-in-one subscription is a must’ve for people working from home.

They are starting the subscription for an individual at $14.95 a month.

iPhone Operating Software (iOS 14)

iPhone Operating Software (iOS 14)
iOS 14. Source — Apple

Apple’s all-new interface is built for ease and play. Users can multi-task and find apps in a blink now.

Privacy is the number one focus for apple. Apple highlights in its press release and ads that they invest heavily in the safety of its user. An iPhone user myself and have updated to the latest software myself. I can say apple gives the user the ability to control the access to photo, microphone & camera for the selective apps. This feature is superb as the user gets to manage.

Thrilling news for fans in India as Apple now sells direct to consumers. Over the years, they sold through third-party sellers. And now, Apple will serve consumers quickly on the Apple India website.

Apple is trying to seize a larger market share in India by selling direct.

Stay tuned for the following announcement by apple.



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